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On November 4th and 5th she met Nixon in Washington.

Nixon straight forwardly told her that a new war in the subcontinent was out of the question.

They are plotting a war.’ The pressure increased in East Pakistan, which attracted Indian attention.

Indians were preparing for war and were concentrated on the Eastern front.

Lastly, in an election conducted just some months before the war, the victory was gained by the East Pakistani leader and still he was not given the power, thus fueling the movement in East Pakistan.

According to Najam Sethi, a well respected and honoured journalist from Pakistan, East Pakistan always complained that they received less development funds and less attention from the West Pakistan (Punjabi) dominating government.

Bengalis in East Pakistan also resisted the adoption of Urdu as the state language.

The next day, Nixon and Kissinger assessed the situation.

Kissinger told Nixon: ‘The Indians are bastards anyway.

Among them two reasons were that: firstly, Pakistan belonged to American led military Pact, CENTO and SEATO; secondly, US believed any victory of India will be considered as the expansion of Soviet influence in the parts gained by India with the victory, as it was believed to be a pro Soviet nation, even though they were non aligned.

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