Dating agencies in spain


To do so, we help our clientele by implementing a method similar to the ones used by executive search firms (Head Hunters) to proactively locate an ideal partner based on predefined profiles.

Therefore, we are not an on-line dating site or a marriage agency.

Matchmaking differs from all of them as it is much more effective.

Although “Professional Matchmaking” in Spain is a relatively new concept, it has been proven successful for more than two decades in the United States and Northern Europe, where it is widely used in the most sophisticated circles with exclusive clientele.

To do this, we meet them personally to interview in depth in order to be able to recommend them which type of Service (Emerald, Ruby or Diamond) best suits their needs.

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It is precisely because of these benefits the reason why our Clients place their trust on us by hiring the Alcanda Matchmaking exclusive services.If you want to know more about the Alcanda Matchmaking Method, click Our collaboration with clients is based on fundamental key principles of Respect, Efficiency, Privacy and Confidentiality.The process starts with an initial face to face meeting where mutual suitability will be assessed together.It is a personalized, private and confidential service for discriminating people who value their time and privacy and have not lost hope in achieving a happy life with somebody special.If this is your objective, what are your options presently?are often highly difficult to match, despite our best efforts.

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