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The newest problem comes in the form of video conferencing, which adds visual images making the activity even more addictive. From a legal viewpoint, a moral one and a religious one, it is clearly cheating.

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Coming Clean means more than just abstaining from cyber sex.It refers to the act of having cyber sex, which in its shortest and most explicit definition is, a combination of communication and masturbation.It is a selfish gratification of ones sexual desires while sharing ones most intimate thoughts and fantasies with someone else.They are the person that we are supposed to share our life with, which we are supposed to share our joys with and bare the burden of our heartaches together with. This person will continue to suffer, as will we as long as we continue to feed our addiction.Coming clean Many of us think of this addiction as our dirty little secret.Cyber-sex scammer jailed Cyberstalking - Cyber Criminals Most Wanted Masturbation Overcoming Masturbation - a Christian perspective, very useful Masturbation: Up to No Good (cf Persona Humana, element 9) The Pastoral Problem of Masturbation (Catholic) Wasting Seed / Birth Control (Jewish presentation) Articles on Masturbation and Islam Here is a classic example of a person who thinks that the euphoric sensations found in sex are actualy spiritual.

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