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His IMDb credits include Nurse Jackie, Friends with Benefits, Men in Black 3, and, most recently, Elementary. Read Full Story(Twitter)Christina Ricci tied the knot over the weekend to longtime boyfriend James Heerdegen in a private ceremony in New York City.

But clearly, the details of her special day didn't stay a secret for long.

The bride wore a Givenchy haute couture gown for her big day.

The high neck white silk tulle dress also included an appliqué of Chantilly lace and satin piping and embroidered micro pearls. The couple exchanged vows at the Harold Pratt House and Peterson Hall on the Upper East Side...

Read Full Story Christina Ricci (Getty)Christina Ricci is no longer a Girl in a Coma.

The actress exited the NBC comedy pilot after the very first table read, according to Deadline.

She and husband James Heerdegen met on the set of Ricci's failed TV show Pan Am back in 2012.

Heerdegen is a camera technician who's worked extensively on TV and film sets.

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Yes, and brings somebody to swear as a kind a sideways.

Using the images I obtained, I developed works on canvas, showing that the female body, the beautiful and the sacred can have the same form.

I currently see art as a path for research, one of the roads leading to the discovery of truth and beauty.

At the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, in 1997, my theme was a reflection of the previous show.

I worked with details of women’s bodies (aging from 12 to 90), captured during small moments of everyday life, such as a hand praying with beads, the foot of a ballet dancer as she puts on her slippers, a bust reflected in the mirror…, small gestures which represent great gestures and help us to face the good fight every day.

In the act of escorting her to his van, now under her guidance, he suddenly stopped in front of hers and lost himself in wondering contemplation of the group painted on the side in the best style of teastore art.

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