Consolidating credit lines


If your property has lost some of its value, or you are having difficulty qualifying, ask one of our lending specialists about the latest underwater and second chance loan solutions.

Mortgage Refinancing: Find out how our lenders offer over 100 refinance mortgage programs with loans for refinancing, bill consolidation at a competitive rate of interest.We take great pride in introducing you to competitive mortgage lenders for refinance and home buying.Whether you need a no-doc mortgage or a bad credit HELOC, we have the perfect system to match you with experienced lending professionals tailored best to meet your needs.Our goal is to always provide you with the best opportunities while meeting your needs with diverse lending products.Compare Competitive Mortgage Lender Quotes on No Cost Home Refinance Loans If you have a variable rate credit line, we recommend a 2nd mortgage refinance because the rate is fixed and each payment you make would go towards principal and interest rather than just interest like it is with HELOCs.Take advantage of the FHA refinance opportunities that allow cash out for debt consolidation or house improvements and loan programs for fixed rate refinancing. BD Nationwide offers a multitude of home equity, second mortgages and equity credit lines to maintain a competitive edge.

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