Consolidating 2 excel sheets

What we want is for the data to be consolidated in one spreadsheet consisting of three columns.One with the product numbers (column A), one with the product names (column B) and one with the quantity in stock (column C).Therefore, open both Excel workbooks: The file containing the worksheets which you want to merge (the source workbook) and the new one, which should comprise all the worksheets from the separate files.The next method comes with some disadvantages and is a little bit more complicated.This means when the units in stock gets updated with new quantities or more products are added to the workbooks, it will automatically be included in the consolidated sheet when you refresh it.The clever reader might notice that in this simple example you could just as easily have used a VLOOKUP to achieve the same, but this serves as a general introduction and example to using Power Query in Excel.If the columns don't contain the same types of data in the same order, you will have to rearrange one of the worksheets before you can consolidate them.

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When changes are made (entry-changes, not structural changes) you can update the new table in Excel by right-clicking it and clicking ‘Refresh’ and the data gets updated instantly.He has taught computer science at Algonquin College, has started three successful businesses, and has written hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines throughout Canada and the United States.Excel is one of the most widely used software programs in the world – and with good reason.Hello everyone, I'm new in Power PII have many excel files with the same headers that i need to combine into one using power bi to be able to make my dashboard. January Sales List, February Sales List, March Sales List etc), then we can easily consolidate all the worksheets into one. This gives you several options for data-handling that Excel in itself (without Power Query) cannot handle this fast on its own.

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