Conflict handling style accomodating and compromising


In fact it seldom does…)4) you can come across in a non-heavy, accusatory way. That’s your folly though…forgiveness is FREEDOM, for yourself, not for them.)In all honesty, from what I’ve seen personally and professionally, the letter to the ex doesn’t tend to “make or break” things. Continue this until either you decide you don’t feel like sending it anymore, or it says exactly what you want to say, and that’s it. I have had it re-unite me with guy – but even that was short lived. Unless that reason has been addressed – it’s likely to happen again and again.]If you do have some heavy dialogue to discuss – don’t let it be in your first letter or email to them. So if you’re considering writing a letter to an ex, then you might wish to consider some of these following points (or not – the choice is entirely yours), before you do!MISTAKE #1 WRITING TOO SOONFirst of all – our feelings do change over time – (in spite ourselves).I reckon he knew that he broke my heart, but at that point, it didn’t matter to him – he’d moved on! MISTAKE # 2 – Blaming the Ex for Everything Another common mistake is going through all of the ex’s perceived crimes.Reeling off things that were said and done – one by one – will simply put the ex on the defensive, and they won’t be able to actually hear what you’re trying to say.

My thought is – go ahead it and get all out of your head – onto the sheet or screen.I believe on some level we are responsible for our relationships and our break ups.It’s never really ONE PERSON’S FAULT for a break up. It’s not all your ex’s fault – nor is it all yours.He never responded (they seldom do) – but it didn’t matter because I sent it for – not for any response from him.Why would he want to go back to address things or apologise for not loving me anymore and for loving someone else? Knowing what I know now – I’d probably just write it in a journal, and not bother sending that proverbial letter to my ex…But that’s just me!I have seen so many people regret acting impulsively when they felt like this.

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