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Fuck the goddamn TV and the radio And fuck making hits I'm taking credit for the death toll It's arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon!Jared Leto Once a sweet-faced all-American boy, Jared has since migrated to the "dark side," regularly framing his pretty blue eyes with thick black pencil lines.They've also launched their own fashion label, Elizabeth and James.When it comes to casting, Marc Jacobs’ ads trump them all – perhaps with the exception of Calvin Klein.All part and parcel of a successful rock band we suppose, but we still think he's hot!Angelina Jolie She was once creepy and grungy and wore an amulet containing the dried blood of her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton, around her neck. [Bridge] Arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon Arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon Arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon Arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon [Chorus] It's arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon Fuck! Results may vary, side effects are very Arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon!

Selecting a similarly impressive roster of mainstream and subcultural talents, he chose Marilyn Manson, Missy Elliott, Cara Delevingne, Courtney Love, Genesis P-Orridge and Kendall Jenner.She made a departure from independent cinema with Tim Burton's big-budget Gothic horror Sleepy Hollow (1999) and later received praise for her performance in the drama Monster (2003), portraying the girlfriend of a notorious female serial killer.Although she has developed a reputation for being a prominent independent film actress, Ricci has appeared in many box office hits—to date, the films in which she has starred have amassed a gross in excess of 3 million.The designer himself makes an appearance, in an equally feathery number and pair of sky-high glam rock boots, smoking a cigarette while propped up against a motorbike.White-faced, black-haired, sullen ‘tude: she may have been a kid, but Wednesday Addams was all goth. [Verse 2] I've got a black eye of a soul My morals in a hole I wish I was still dead But the TV said its just a "tropical depression" Pointless intervention Legal separation Call my dealer or my lawyer "We've got a situation!

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