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Since then, Christian Kane's made a successful jump into feature films.He hit the baseball field in 2001 with Summer Catch (co-starring Freddie Prinze Jr.) and again in 2002 in Life or Something Like It as Angelina Jolie's big league fiance."When they’re in the field, especially if Baird’s not there, he does take a little bit of the control only because he has a cooler, calmer head than everybody else,” confirms Kane.And what about that iconic red ax Jake Stone wields in every season and appears in much of the show’s promotional material?We’re giving the fans everything they want," Kane explains about season four’s different approach."We weren’t trying to fit ourselves into one box; we just got to run free." So what can we expect from ." Jake seems to enjoy getting physical and never turns down a good bar fight.Though he sees it from a different angle, Kane still derives as much pleasure as fans of the show when he watches episodes as they air.

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Christian Kane worked as a production assistant and in the mailroom of a talent agency to pay his way.

"Do we want to do this and spend the rest of our life doing it? " Though many actors have fan followings, the "Kaniacs" are among the most loyal, and Kane talked about their desire for or aversion to a possible romantic entanglement for Jake Stone this season.

Birthdate: June 27, 1974Hometown: Dallas, Texas As a kid, Christian Kane moved around the southern states a lot because his dad, Mike, was in the oil business.

Christian said that growing up, movies and movie theatres were his best friends.

Christian Kane loved films and decided after seeing the Tom Cruise fighter pilot movie Top Gun that he wanted to be an actor.

Christian Kane may also cling rather tightly to money and possessions, keeping them "in the family" rather than sharing freely with those outside of his immediate circle.

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