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Will the future of chatbots rely on existing platforms like Facebook Messenger, or will standalone apps work best? market, Verto App Watch data does not yet show any chatbots with significant U. However, reach isn’t everything — a successful chatbot also relies heavily on engagement.

According to Verto App Watch, there are 680 mobile apps with at least 1 million unique users per month in the U. However, the average consumer only uses ten apps per day. According to Verto’s Messaging App Report, Facebook isn’t winning the engagement war.

Evie Evie is an AI in an emotional avatar of an animated girl. Since all these bots are still learning, many of the answers are not appropriate.

While this one is a little different from the rest due to a virtual avatar, the bot’s expressions might get creepy!

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The website also gives an option where users can read other people’s conversations.Other apps like Snapchat, Whats App, and even Kik claim a much higher stickiness rating, the share of the monthly users who use the particular property daily.(The Verto methodology demonstrates that daily users reflect the active, loyal, and engaged part of the audience, and the higher the stickiness, the bigger the share of daily users versus monthly users.) While Facebook Messenger may be the most attractive option for current developers, we see signs that the platform market may soon start to fragment across geographical, demographic, or other niche segmentation lines.S., attracting over 79.3 million adult (18 ) users with a 44 percent reach across mobile devices.That’s an incredible, approachable audience for a chatbot developer.On the other hand, for vertically focused chatbots, other platforms might be more appropriate; partnerships with existing mobile apps like Trip Advisor or might be better options for travel-related chatbots, for example.

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