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Millhouse always wondered where he was until he checked with Homer. Wow, Millhouse now we are cooler than anyone at school. Then the Simpsons had to drop of millhouse at his house. They had five plates of everything; they even had to take some of their food out. I wont get too graphic, but there were all of their clothes on the floor. Her hair still carried the scent of early summer mornings spent on the porch drinking lemonade, watching the tangerine sun rise, and talking languorously of the future. As we ceased our embrace, we retreated back into the staring silently stage until I could take no more and had to speak. It was a foolish question, but the only thing that came to my mind. Smithers replied, bewildered, But sir, she has a degree from Dartmouth, a mass of experience with HVAC design, current security clearance Continue reading Happiness Chapter 4: Solutions Five minutes later he sat on a welcoming looking, brown couch inside Smithers apartment without any idea what to do now.Continue reading Hey:) This is an M/M fic, so if you dont like, dont read. Continue reading AUTHORESS’S NOTE: Once again, thank you all for reading and reviewing! Continue reading The next time I was at the plant, which was the Saturday subsequent to the one on which I nearly demolished my dads sector with my licentious intentions, I made myself out to be an even greater fool than Mr. On that Saturday, while on my way to the water fountain by the cafeteria, I overheard what sounded like an intense conversation between Mr. Charles Montgomery Burns, the highest-level executive in the company. He remembered being here once before but it proved itself impossible to tell why that had been.I knew I should have kept walking on my merry way to the fountain, but instead, I lingered by the open door and eavesdropped. Being here hadnt been planned that time and it hadnt been planned now as well, but this fact shouldnt be surprising. Burns almost immediately noticed that I had been glancing apprehensively at the clock every five minutes and questioned me after the third glance. Burns in surprise and stuttered, No, no, of course not, sir.What were you thinking, hiring that woman as our new controls system design engineer? Nothing that happened lately had been planned by him. Smithers, am I so boring and/or boorish today that you are just aching to take your break and feel the need to check the clock every single minute? I cherish every moment were together, its only thatwell, Im meeting someone on my break today and the impending intensity of the meeting is making me rather anxious.On Pornhitz you have the option to like or dislike a video.Please go ahead and do so to let us know what you like.Fair haired Simpsons babe with killer body takes four cocks in her every hole and gets her tits washed with cum. Its me again, and this time with my very first Simpsons fanfic.

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