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Other historical evidence from the Byzantine and Medieval periods also show that Khirbet Kana was regarded as the true site of New Testament Cana from a very early period.A guidebook written by a certain Theodosius between 517-527 CE titled The Layout of The Holy Land identifies Khirbet Kana, and indicates that two of the vessels were still at the location.The first time this site is associated with New Testament Cana is in a mid-17th century report to the Pope by Francesco Quaresimo, the papal emissary to Palestine, where he noted there were two possible candidates: Khirbet Qana and Kafr Kanna.identifies Cana with the modern Arab town of Kafr Kanna, on the feet of Nazareth range, about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) northeast of Nazareth.Most importantly, they also uncovered a cave complex on the south slope of the site which showed indications that it had been used as a center for worship, including a sarcophagus lid/altar and a shelf which held two stone vessels in situ, and space for another four vessels, suggesting that Khirbet Kana was regarded as New Testament Cana from a very early time.Remains of an Arab village and a church or monastery were also uncovered immediately south of the cave complex.

Although none of the synoptic gospels record the event, mainstream Christian tradition holds that this is the first public miracle of Jesus. web oficial de canal 13, primer canal de transmisión chileno en transformarse en una casa editorial que traspasa sus contenidos a todas sus plataformas como internet, radio, cable y eventos multitudinarios.faculdade de direito da fundação escola superior do ministério público do rs com ênfase em direito público e carreiras de estado.possui grade curricular diferenciada e corpo docente formado por promotores, juízes e arcozelo palace hotel você vai encontrar todas as opções de lazer para quem quer se divertir, descansar ou aproveitar ao máximo seus dias na serra.The ruined village of Khirbet Qana, meaning "the ruins of Cana", is also a possible candidate.It overlooks the Beit Netofa Valley from the north, and is about 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) north of Kafr Kanna, and has also been noticed by pilgrims since the 12th century or earlier.quadras, cinemas, piscinas, kids club, recreação para todas as idades e muito welland canal is an amazing site to see.

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