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Worst receptionists ever that take medical decision without any qualification. They also failed to do a cholesterol test after being treated for high blood test and complains about chest pain.

They assess urgency and lie about clinic availability. They have no idea about your clinical history and keep going in loops wasting NHS money and putting patient health at risk.

I felt they were linked to previous gynaecology issues I have had.The office staff have been pleasant, helpful and welcoming The nursing staff and doctors that I have seen or spoken to have been brilliant.I highly recommend this practice and the pharmacy next door.I used the telephone call medication review service with the practice pharmacist today and they were excellent.A very helpful discussion including updating me on my INR dose from my blood test this morning and arranging a repeat prescription.I like that I can request repeat prescriptions on line and that the doctor can send them electronically while you are still sat with them.

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