Blake lively and ed westwick dating


Meanwhile, Chuck tries to get closer to his father but Bart isn't interested.

He attempts to give Bart hockey season tickets but Bart uses them to take Dan and hang out.

As an apology Dan sends Bart an excerpt from the story he's writing where he shares how Chuck feels Bart hates him for killing his mother.

In There Might be Blood, Dan is asked to write an exposé article on Bart for a major magazine.

He masks his interview by pretending to be genuinely interested in what Bart does, and Bart agrees to let him shadow at the office a few days a week.

In Chuck In Real Life, Bart and Lily plan to throw a housewarming party in the hopes of impressing some clients of Bart.

Eric asks if he can bring his boyfriend but Bart advises him not to, reasoning that he doesn't want to come out in a major news publication.

At the brunch, it's revealed that he is dating Lily van der Woodsen and wants to make it public despite her hesitation.

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