Bigg boss 8 day 63 online dating

“I sometimes cannot believe you are so strong,” he said.“I can see your emotions and how everyone is taking advantage of them,” he added.“I’ve missed you so much,” Hina tells him with her eyes full of tears.Contestants were asked at several intervals during the day to freeze in their place.Upon freezing, any one contestant’s family member or friend entered the house but nobody was able to react.The fame of the show as of fourth season reached to an extent where the film producers from the Kannada Film Industry and the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce held a protest in front of Innovative Film City in Bidadi, where the Bigg Boss house is located, demanding the actors not to participate or host reality shows on television, also tried to impose a ban on the show because of its popularity affecting the performances of movies in the box office.A 'Bigg Boss' House is constructed for every season.In the second video, the two are in the bedroom area, talking alone.

As the schedules for the Hindi and Kannada versions were expected to be overlapped, a house exclusive for Kannada version of the show was built at Innovative Film City in Bengaluru, Karnataka for the third season.

She was left in a puddle of tears but ran after him upon being ‘unfreezed’, asking Bigg Boss to open the gates so she could leave with him.

On Thursday’s episode, Bigg Boss introduced a new task, ‘Statue’.

She begins sobbing almost instantaneously and cries about wanting to leave the show.

Rocky assures her that she is playing well and tells her not to leave the show.

With her popularity taking a nosedive, the TV actor finally had a reason to smile (and cry a whole lot more) when her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal came visiting on the hit reality TV show.

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