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Lloyd Webber argues in the programme that the point of his project is to showcase new musicals in their early stages rather than have to wait for the possibly prohibitive expense of automated sets and lose the opportunity to see them altogether. But I’m sure that Lloyd Webber is pleased with the music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, a seasoned American composer with Grammy and Tony nominations.

This one has cheerful, lift-your-spirits music (their version of the Love Boat theme) and cute colored graphics.

It is at least slightly different with the matching part. second, the kissing noise they make after getting married is barf-inspiring. i assume this is a video game spoof of that truly horrible television programme, "love boat".

IMO I thought this game was very poor and unsatisfying... third -- and this is probably my inner cynic talking now -- i was particularly amused by getting the passengers intoxicated and watching them run for the loo (or for the side of the ship? in fact, whilst playing this game, i also wanted to bolt for the loo! even though i am a fan of time management games, this is really an awful game for so many reasons that i am convinced it's a rather cruel parody.

I could match things faster, if game was more responsive. Try this game first to see if it's your cut of tea, or favorite cocktail.

Not for me, because I don't do well with time constraints. The game is good for 'time waste quick clicking game', but low resolution is annoying. I played only few levels and level of challenge was OK, guess it can rise later and makes game really good and even challenging.

And director Nigel Harman pushes the story along at a good pace, with (arguably not enough) flashes of Liam Steel’s colourful and driving choreography on the few occasions that the cast break into dance routines.

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