Big bang theory s6e21 online dating


Sheldon Cooper will try his luck in finding love and takes to online dating, seeking help from Rajesh Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz, in the upcoming chapter of The Big Bang Theory season 9.

Episode 8 is titled, The Mystery Date Observation, which will air this Thursday, 12 November at 8pm EST on CBS Network.

Actor Stephen Merchant guest stars as Amy's mystery date, Dave; and Analeigh Tipton guest stars as Vanessa.

Meanwhile, Amy is going out on a third date with Dave, the man she has been seeing.

She has been short on information about Dave to Penny and Bernadette, so they decide to spy on Amy and Dave's date, knowing the restaurant where they will be dining.

Civil, genteel, fastidious, cultured, refined, tasteful, well-mannered—you get it.

There are lots of words out there that describe what Lucy highlighted as good Raj traits but don't imply that those traits are exclusively "womanly." Then there's Penny and Leonard, the golden couple who, in the past, has repeatedly tried my patience with their on-again/off-again habits and seemingly eternal inability to move beyond their base characterizations of "awkward nerd" and "hot chick." Season 6 has had its rough patches when it comes to Leonard and Penny, but overall has made a noticeable effort to, well, make them suck less.

If all goes according to Howard and Raj's eventual plan, that perfect woman for Sheldon should arrive on his doorstep by the end of the evening.

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