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I was new to the city and didn’t know much about our kind of places.We pledged to discover the perfect places to date in a city with an element of love, passion and romance. Sevilla undefined Be it your anniversary or your first date, Sevilla seduces you with its miraculous setting. Fio Country Kitchen & Bar undefined People, this one is a special recommendation!Neighborhood: Hollywood What to do: A cemetery never felt this romantic.This is an open-air event in which you can bring a blanket and cuddle up on the Fairbanks lawn with your loved one while watching a classic film. Submitted by sarahb44c9f173a Neighborhood: South Central/USC What to do: Known as "one of the city's best-kept secrets," the garden, which is located within the larger Exposition Park, is the perfect place for those seeking a colorful oasis hidden within the bustling city.

Head straight to this place that exudes a dreamlike vibe!

Submitted by Ava Serene Portman, Facebook Neighborhood: Santa Monica What to do: When your date's got that bohemian vibe going on, then this is the place to be.

There's wood paneling, shelves full of wine, and an extensive menu (including pulled chicken nachos, yum).

‘Another 20 minutes and I want you out of this place’, said Rishi. Frightened and alarmed (just kidding), I wrapped up my work in 10 minutes and got up. Well, that was the ‘take a vow’ moment for both of us!

Rishi wasn’t the ‘I want, I said and I need’ kind of a person and that was one of the reasons why we were dating. Rishi, a fresh IIT graduate, replete with geeky looks, was just not the person to plan a date.

Submitted by Kellen Dempsey, Facebook Neighborhood: Griffith Park What to do: This date spot is out of this world, literally.

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