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When she sued him, he was forced to admit what he did and apologise to her. He didn’t like me very much.” The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Goodger, has recently revealed she was filmed in bed with her ex-boyfriend without her knowledge.

Speaking on last night's documentary, Tulisa said: “I think it’s an absolute violation of my human rights of me as a person. She’s now calling for tougher laws and told the Sun on Sunday: “Anyone caught sending private, intimate stuff like this about should be arrested.

Instead, in the last 24 hours, peers in the House of Lords have recommended clarification from the Government so people know when and how they can prosecute against revenge porn and trolling.

The guidance would be useful, but it doesn’t really do much to stop revenge porn happening.

Victims could also prosecute under harassment laws, or malicious communication laws, but revenge porn is not recognised as a sexual crime.

There is a campaign to Ban Revenge Porn entirely, and for the law to recognise it as a sexual crime, but that hasn’t happened yet.

We have sought counsel from trusted advisors, and have spent many hours in prayerful consideration before publishing this story.

Generally, it is women who are subjected to revenge porn and find intimate pictures of themselves plastered all over the internet.

But she says that the moment it all went wrong had nothing to do with the drugs trial.

It was a year earlier, back in 2012, when she was an X Factor judge and her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards released a sex tape of her giving him oral sex.

After all, they’re normally the one filming or photographing them in a pretty intimate way in the first instance. She knew immediately that the man in the video was her ex-boyfriend.

She wouldn’t have needed the police to check his details online to confirm this for her – he was the only one who had access to the video and could have leaked it.

I am a preacher’s daughter, the youngest of seven children.

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