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Each late rep is accompanied with a sort of I-can’t- believe-I’m-doing-this smile, each high-five as animated as you’d see in the NBA playoffs.

Smith was looking for a fitness component to the program, too.

Coincidentally, Bland-Walsh was already doing 90-day boot camps.

Three months of high-intensity exercise, she believed, would be the perfect jump- start for creating a masculine foundation and teaching these men the elementary rules of building a strong, balanced body.

” one guy’s wife—previously his girlfriend (many transgender guys initially identify as lesbians)—asks another as they lean casually against a nearby wall. When the session ends, the evidence of hard work lingers—a pungent, masculine musk fills the air, and sweat soaks the benches.

For most of these guys, it’s clear that hitting the gym—and hitting it hard, for that matter—is still something of a novelty.

“I said, ‘Why don’t we just use that framework and make it specific for what’s going on with these guys? Soon the word spread among the area’s trans community, and this winter, the group, officially called “Momentum,” will be three years old.

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