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at The Hudson Theatre on September..." class="srp-asset-image" src=" “Twilight” star Ashley Greene is allegedly dating “Spider-Man” — no, not Andrew Garfield.Standing in the wings, nursing his rope wounds, Thomas had plenty of time on his hands.And while he didn’t lack for companionship — he’s been dating “Spider-Man” co-star Jennifer Damiano — he longed for a dog. Thomas named him after his mother’s dog, a black Lab who reportedly saved her life after a car crash — breaking a window when the car caught fire, and freeing her to crawl out after him. “I kept wishing I’d known that dog.” Now he has his own Porridge.What makes Porridge a real standout in this furry set is that he’s owned and trained by his co-star, Thomas, himself discovered by Julie Taymor when she was in London seeking her Spider-Man.“For some reason,” says the lean, blue-eyed 25-year-old, “Julie saw something in me she liked.” So the native Brit packed up and came to Broadway, only to find himself splitting the role with someone Taymor liked even more: Reeve Carney, who played six “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” shows each week to Thomas’ two.Also, in the past, he has undertaken boxing sessions.

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But when Porridge takes the stage in the new, Tony-nominated revival of “Pippin,” the audience bursts into one long “aw True, as “Pippin” star Matthew James Thomas points out, Porridge is “ridiculously cute,” but then, he’s biased: Porridge is his dog.

Inside, he played with the puppy, then went to Starbucks, where he tried to convince himself it was better to rescue a dog than to buy one. “I walked back to the store and said, ‘Porridge, his name is Porridge. “He’s got a beautiful voice and he knows how to deliver a joke.

He plays the piano and the guitar and dances, and he’s a great acrobat! “Sometimes I just take away his favorite toy,” says Thomas, who taught Porridge how to jump up and off things and sit raptly at attention.

Not only is Reeve a great rock-and-roll singer, but his acting is equally fresh and authentic." With a book co-written by Glen Berger, Taymor spun a tale about Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's comic-book teen who gets bitten by a radioactive arachnid. After a record-breaking 182 previews, Spider-Man finally opened June 14, 2011.

And thanks to his strength and stamina, no one had a better view as a fly on the wall than Carney. Reeve Carney: I'm just coming from a workout, and I hate workouts. RC: There are so many things I love about Spider-Man, and one is you get paid to keep in shape.

The role is as far away from Peter Parker as you can get, so I'm excited to explore that. He just congratulated me on getting Dorian Gray because he played the part in the West End in 2010.

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