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This conference stands in a now well established and successful tradition of previous meetings in Cracow 2002, Toulouse 2005, London 2008, New York 2011 and Cairo 2014. Over five days in September 2017, leading experts in the field, together with young scholars, will gather and present the latest results on archaeological fieldwork and research relevant to questions surrounding the origins of the worlds first territorial state of Pharaonic Egypt.

This is a list of archaeology publications (those that focus primarily on archaeology) that present original research, peer reviewed or not.

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In 1890, he traveled to Europe, where he visited archaeological sites in the Alps of Italy, Switzerland, and Austria as well as in his homeland.

There will be a welcome reception on Sunday after the key note lecture, and a conference dinner on Thursday.

The dinner provids typical Viennese cuisine, all you can eat and drink.

He personally discovered, excavated and documented many of the places where the objects in the collection were acquired.

His premature death in Vienna, Austria in December 1891 resulted in the eventual donation of his collection to the MPM by his son Lorenz.

Day passes will allow entry to the presentations for one day only.

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