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By Emily Zemler on December 10, 2014 “I actually don’t have a lot of time to watch television,” Aisha Tyler tells us.“I get around a single recreational hour a night, and that …Continued The Talk‘s funny girl Aisha Tyler doesn’t joke around when it comes to healthy living.

'I don't, not in any way, see this relationship as a failure.

Casting a partner on-air, whether it's one of five, one of two, is a very difficult thing because it's that thing we always talk about, chemistry.", "you don't have to just have good chemistry with one person, you need to have good chemistry with all [of us].""I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up entering season eight and having a variety of guest co-hosts, much the way we saw Kelly Ripa do before Michael Strahan got named," she noted, referring to 's co-host search.

"Then we saw Kelly Ripa do it again when Strahan went to [Good Morning America], and before they landed on Ryan Seacrest [as the permanent co-host]." EXCLUSIVE: Aisha Tyler Opens Up About 'Tough' Decision to Leave and Her Most Memorable Moment Chen quipped of having guest co-hosts, "By the way, that's also interesting to watch because you get to see us four gals on many dates, it's like speed dating! Us four ladies of The Talk are going on many dates with many other women just to see who is the right fit."Chen added, "It's like a relationship, it's like a marriage, you know?

And I followed him to an acting class,” Aisha Tyler tells us in this lightning-fast episode of Off the Cuff when we ask how she first became a performer. Continued Aisha Tyler is really good at being everywhere.

From head point-giver on CW’s improv series Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Tara Lewis in Criminal Minds and portraying Mother Nature in the Santa Clause film series, as well as recurring roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Talk Soup and Friends.

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