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The least secure ciphers exist mostly to assist with compliance with local cryptographic laws, and for the benefit of viewers running on embedded or mobile devices that may not have the processor power or the legal clearance to use more advanced ciphers and longer key lengths.Eventually these other ciphers will be deprecated and moved to a separate module.

When this option is disabled, the passphrase is used to generate a 256-bit key for use with the AES cipher.Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are encouraged! The author can be contacted via e-mail ([email protected]) or via the Ultra VNC forums (adzm). Please visit the Ultra VNC forums for help with Ultra VNC, the latest news and developments, and a plethora of other software and solutions provided by the community. In general, this goes from top-down same as the order in the dialog.AES is chosen first, follows by Blowfish, then IDEA, CAST5, and ARC4.The server should have the public key (named *_Client Auth.pubkey), and the viewer should have the private key (named *_Client Auth.pkey).

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