Adult stranger cams

This means that it was seen by 4.8% of all 18- to 49-year-olds, and 13% of all 18- to 49-year-olds watching television at the time of the broadcast.

This marked an improvement from the previous episode, "Earthquake".

At the Dunphys' house Mitchell arrives to tell Phil about his bad jokes.

Unfortunately Mitchell can not go through with it after seeing Phil's sad face.

The episode was directed by Scott Ellis, his second directing credit for the series having directed the episode "The Kiss".

It then turns into chaos when Alex mentions she has to do homework, panics and says she loves homework.The couple kiss and make up, but they soon get into another disagreement.At the SCARB, Claire hides Phil's lines in her purse.Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) decides to work out with bike shorts much to Mitchell's (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) chagrin.While working out, Claire and Mitchell decide to tell the others' spouse of their bad habit (like Strangers on a Train).He felt while the two main stories "clicked" he also felt "the two secondary stories didn't quite make it" although he stated they had "fun moments". Club rated the episode with a B commenting that Luke (Nolan Gould) was the best supporting character.

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