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1 " Mariota filia Athyn," the first wife of the " Wolf of Badeuoch " and the mother of his children, was a daughter of Athyn, another form of the name Aodh.

In some of the Latin documents included in the Chronicles of the Picts and Scots, in Fordun's Annalia, etc., Malcolm Mac Eth or Mac Kay, who claimed the earldom of Moray, and became first Earl of Ross about 1157, is variously denominated Mac Eth, Mac Heth, Mae Ed, Mac Head, etc. Macbain, who edits the second edition of Skene's Highlanders of Scotland, writes at page 414 — " The name Heth is the most ill-used syllable I know of.

At the same time, members of the Clan all over the world, as soon as they learned what I was about, vied with one another in backing me up, and did their utmost to secure subscribers to the Book of Mackay. To the following I am indebted for the loan of reference books and MSS., viz., Sheriff Aeneas Mackay, K. D., Edinburgh ; Colonel ix PREFACE Forbes Mackay of Carskey ; Dr. either at Edinburgh or London, may now be studied fit any good public library in the printed form, and with most helpful indices.

Aodh frequently appears in the literature of the Gael as the name of Picts, Scots, and Irish ; but its present aspirated form indi- cates a harder formation, aed, which indeed is found in earlier Irish writings, and is supposed to mean " the fiery or impetuous one." Gaelic Err. Probably the best English equivalent of Aodh is lye, if it can be called an equivalent ; and it is a pity that this name, as characteristic of the Mac Kays once as Rorie is of the Macleods or Ranald of the Macdonalds, is not more com- monly used nowadays. Aodh also has been twisted into a great variety of forms to suit the fancy of different ■writers. In our account of the said family we follow " Ben Reay " closely, but add a considerable amount of new matter discovered by ourselves in the Reay Papers. George, 3rd lord, frees the estate, 163 ; goes to Holland, 172 ; kindness of his uncles, 173 ; marrried in Holland, 176 ; helps to put down Mar rebellion, 179 ; his men do garrisor 488 INDEX duty, 1S1 ; plants churches and schools, 183, 192 ; reconciliation with . We have also been studying this subject for some years, and, however imperfect the following pages may be, we have made a careful search of the public records and read as widely as our limited opportunities and means permitted. An examination of the public record shows that the name Mac- Kay was spelt in a great variety of ways. Sutherland, 186 ; activity during the '45 rising, 1S9 ; his family, 192 seq.; letter of, on Fair glebe, 443; document of, regarding erection of parishes, 444 ; letter of, to sheriff of Caithness, 44S ; letter of, to Sutherland, 450 ; bond with Sutherland, 451 ; letter anent Culloden, 456. Roads in the north, 222 ; road acts for Suther- land, 229 ; survey of roads, 463. The Mac Kays of Garachty in Bute, one of whom, John Mc Ge, witnessed a document, 10th Mar. Hugh, 6th lord, accident to, 216; his curators, 216 ; condition of tenants, 219. 1540, as Sheriff of Bute, appear as Makkay, Makkee, and even Makcawe, but for oftenesfc they are represented, from 151.5 downwards, as Mackaw. THE NAME MAC KAY immemorial, held of the Lords of the Isles as is stated in a charter of confirmation by the King, given 11th Aug. Eric, 7th lord, and his papers, 2 ; rise of rents on estate of, 230 ; how made up title, 232 ; sale of his estate, 233, 469. -Eric, 9th lord, and passing of title to Dutch Mackays, 236. The Mac- 7 „ ir , Kays of Ugadale, who were crowners of north Kintyre from time Reg. 1542, and possessed of the four merk lands of Ugadale and Arnigill in virtue of their office, appear as Mc Key, Ma KKay, Ma KKaye, but most commonly as Mc Cay. Some authorities have equated Aodh with Hugh, but we do not accept that view, as Hugh, which stands for the Gaelic Huistean, is generally represented in Latin documents by Hugo, while Aodh is transformed into Odo or Odoneus. Reay Fencibles, raising of, 222 seq.; service of, in Ireland, 225 ; their character, 226 seq.

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