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The Monthly Greneral Meeting of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, was held on Wednesday, the 2nd January, 1895, at 9 p. Ditto California Academy of Sciences Presented hy Asiatic Roniety of Bengal. PROCEEDINGS OP THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF BENGAL, Fo H Januai^y, 1895. The paper will be published in the Journal, Part I. It contains more than one native dwelling place, the occupants of which appeared to belong to a class superior to that of the ordinary cultivator. The whole enclosure is however, much larger than the jfirst named.

Griesbach, Esq., Babu parat Candra Lahiri, Kumar Rame9var Malia, J. The material is rough, and the execution rude, but the attitude of the two game cocks is remarkably spirited. I was favoured with a sight of the only two tiles which had been brought into Sirinagar, and herewith enclose faithful copies (original size) of the designs upon them, executed by a friend who is a clever draughtswoman. This pavement has been described as being about 20 feet in diameter, each tile having a raised design of some animal or animals upon it. Suffice it to say, that what has already been un- covered consists of a portion of a circular pavement composed of unglazed terra cotta tiles of large size. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF BENGAL, EDITED BY The Honorary Secretaries. 0^ OT) CALCUTTA : \^ FEINTED AT THE BAPTIST MISSION PK'ESS, AND PUBLISHED BY THE ASIATIC SOCIETY, 57 PARK STREET. Abstract Stfitement of Receipts and Disbursements of the Asiatic Society for the yenr 1894 (Appendix to the Pro- ceedings for February 1895) 1-8 9-18 49-56 57-78 79-96 97-] J8 119-J40 141-150 15I-J90 191-203 XVll-XXl X LIST OE PLATES.

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