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In the paralympics charter, science is a huge part of it.

It’s all about enhancement, it’s all about making people better,’ says Dr David James of Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Sports Engineering Research, which helped optimise earlier wheelchair designs used in the Paralympics.

Having a seat that enables the player and chair to move as one is a competitive edge - which in a dynamic sport like wheelchair basketball can be where medals are won or lost’.'Those innovations will trickle down into ordinary rehabilitation - we demonstrate at the elite sport level, and then we hope to see the ‘F1 effect’ where those technologies find their way into everyday life.’‘The Paralympics is wedded to science and technology.

Vibrations in the left and right sides of the vest would ‘steer’ runners, who would be guided either by a trackside guide sending instructions by remote control to the vest, or a built-in sensor warning of upcoming collisions.

Much of the equipment used by the UK teams has been tested at British Aerospace’s wind tunnel in Wharton.

CES—which we’re not allowed to call the Consumer Electronics Show anymore—is a festival of superfluity.

Its halls are decked with useless crap no human needs and most don’t even want.

We wanted to optimise the weight and make them as thin as possible.

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