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Fundamentally, the belt-fed SAW is a volume of fire weapon which achieves target suppression via probability.

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Tags: 5.56mm, army, automatic, automatic rifle, automatic rifleman, Belt Fed, carbine, designated marksman rifle, designated marksman's rifle, designated marksmen rifle, dmr, fully automatic, history, iar, in which I say something positive about NGSAR, infantry automatic rifle, light machine gun, m249, m27, machine guns, Magazine-Fed, military, misc, ngsar, rifle, rifles, SAW, squad automatic rifle, squad automatic weapon, support weapon Original caption: "U. 3, 2009." US Army photo by SSG Matthew Moeller, public domain. On the surface, the idea of augmenting the firepower of a rifle squad with a belt-fed machine gun makes a good deal of sense: The feeding mechanism of the belt-fed means that many, many more rounds can be fired before the gun needs to be reloaded.In theory, the addition of a weapon like this to the rifle squad should substantially augment small unit firepower and flexibility – especially on the defense where SAWs can be used to provide interlocking fires.And in theory, the SAW can be used like a rifle, too, so it’s win-win, right?In the Army’s arrangement, each rifleman carries the same 7 magazine loadout, but on top of that they carry 200 round belts for the SAW, while the Army SAW gunner himself carries nearly 800 rounds of linked ammunition to feed his thirsty weapon.This additional ammunition amounts to an average increase of 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) per soldier, or about 100%, in the US Army rifle squad fireteam, versus the USMC fireteam – a weight penalty equivalent to pure-fleeting 7.62 NATO rifles!Blindsided is when you've been married 15 years, have three kids, and everything seems sweet as pie, and one day your wife goes out to get her roots done and never comes back.

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