41 penpal friends dating of age 65 and above usa


I like keeping fit, like the arts, music, reading and writing, and Im feeling ... Have an university law degree and work in a local institution.

In my free time I meet friends, Two times a week I play football. Since I am learning every language possible, this site is great to find people from around a world and share your daily thoughts and learn.

Moelv, Norway Female, 21 I'm 21 years old and live in Norway.

Right now I'm studying to become a teacher here in Norway.

As a self described artist I find beauty all around us and would like to find a pen pal to share my enthusiasm for the wonders of life. It would be nice to find someone I have something in common with.

About me: I like to read, write, take photos, listen to music, & see movies [on TV]. I'm interested in archaeology, history, art, science fiction, & ecology.

Both because I would need a lot more than 600 characters, but also because I'm a living contradiciton.

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Sarpsborg, Norway Female, 16 My name is Katrine, and I'm from Sarpsborg, Norway.New Friends4U is an online friendship site designed to help you meet like minded people in United States or worldwide. I love my boys dearly but they're to young to have an adult conversation with. I like wine, fine dining, cultural events, music, cooking, dancing, wine bars, hanging out in my hot tub, and did I mention wine? I am a leisure enthusiast, a "great indoorswoman." Not into being outdoors: sports, hiking, etc. I like to hang out with people and even if I'm not 'with' someone I still like to cuddle and watch movies. I like to go out and do stuff and I'm a country girl. I like both cats and dogs, maybe cats a little more but depends on the temperament of the animal just like it depends on the temperament of peopl Hello Everyone, I joined the site in hopes of making new Friends for the New Year.Whether you are looking for social friends, penpals or penfriends, our exciting free friendship service is focused on bringing you together with other people also in a similar situation. I've been lonely for a long time even before she left because her job was more important than her family. So if you think you wouldn't mind being a friend with an old lonely man please contact me. Would like to find a daily (if possible) penpal, someone to chat with, etc as I am home with a lifelong illness. I'm easygoing, love to talk, hate Trump, love my dog. I'm loyal and I would like to meet someone loyal out there. I moved here in 2006 to complete my medical training and now reside in the medical center and work there also. I grew up in South Dakota and find the winters here much more tolerable. I just turned 38 and I'm married with no kids. I love music, and going out with the camera taking some really nice p...Finnsnes, Norway Male, 20 Living and studying in a little town called Finnsnes in Norway I am looking for pals to talk with.Kristiansand, Norway Female, 15 My name is Clara, and i'm 15 years old :) I live in norway, but my family is from gremany.

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